Dave Manington Quartet - Headrush

Loop 1005
Released 10th January 2008

Mark Hanslip -- Tenor Sax
Ivo Neame -- Piano/Rhodes/Alto Sax
Dave Manington -- Double Bass/Electric Bass
Tim Giles -- Drums/Percussion

All compositions by Dave Manington
Recorded Julian Jackson
Mixed Alex Bonney
Mastered Peter Beckmann

“Dave Manington leads this fearless lineup on an exploration of the deepest reaches of jazz , negotiating both turbulent and tranquil musical waters with muscular asurance and energy.“
Helen Mayhew

“...an emphasis on collective improvisation and less of a focus on individual soloists than you might find in traditional jazz. It also grooves like hell, with Manington's acoustic bass and Giles' sprightly drums laying down some thick, beefy yet, at the same time somehow mercurial riffs – full of stops, starts, wrong turns and dead ends, yet rocking in the grip of a savage momentum”