Dave Manington's Riff Raff

Dave Manington – double bass/compositions
Brigitte Beraha – vocals
Tomas Challenger – tenor Sax
Ivo Neame – piano/rhodes
Rob Updegraff – guitar
Tim Giles – drums/percussion

This dynamic ensemble of young musicians features the highly acclaimed musicians Brigitte Beraha (Paul Clarvis/Chris Laurence, Kenny Wheeler, Henry Lowther, L.J.O.), Ivo Neame (Cinematic Orchestra, Fringe Magnetic, Phronesis), Tomas Challenger (Outhouse/Red Snapper), Rob Updegraff (Twelves, Zigaboo Modeliste) and Tim Giles (Iain Ballamy/Stan Sulzmann/Kenny Wheeler/Art Farmer). The starting point for the music is collective improvisation but compositionally it draws on as wide a range of styles as possible. Folk, electronic music and contemporary classical influences are added to the mix with complex jazz harmonies and rhythms.

Often the music has been rewritten many times after rehearsals sent the music spinning off in different directions. Most of the material is through-composed with the themes re-emerging in different forms, different keys, or time signatures. The most important thing for us is to develop a band sound and understanding so each time we play the music can be re-invented together, often quite radically.

Several new compositions feature fantastic lyrics from Brigitte Bereha and on other tracks she sings wordless vocals, often harmonizing with the sax line to great effect. A new album and tour is planned for 2011.