Tom Challenger

Tom Challenger (Saxophonist/Composer) leads and engages with numerous current and forward thinking projects, including Brass Mask, Fofoulah, Outhouse, Ma, and Dice Factory. He has co-conceived London's Green Chimneys, and is also embarking on the composition of a soundtrack for film maker George Clark and numerous releases in 2013 on Loop Records.


  • Ma
    Within a setting of dubby beats and drones, Ma utilise deceptively simple themes as a launch pad for music that is hugely atmospheric but full of powerful improvisation and unexpected textures.
  • Outhouse grew out of a shared desire to create music with equal input from each member, where the line between composed and improvised material can be blurred and redefined.
  • Beautifully stitching together two very different musical genres, Ruhabi displays a seamless blend of serrated jazz grooves, free-flowing melody, African polyrhythm and traditional Sabar drumming language.

Projects (as sideman)