Outhouse Ruhabi

Robin Fincker – tenor saxophone
Tom Challenger – tenor saxophone
Johnny Brierley – bass
Dave Smith – drums
Baboucar Camara – sabar
Kaw Secka – sabar
Alieu Seine – sabar
Pap Cham – sabar

Beautifully stitching together two very different musical genres, Outhouse Ruhabi displays a seamless blend of serrated jazz grooves, free-flowing melody, African polyrhythm and traditional Sabar drumming language.

The group formed in 2007 when the much sought-after contemporary Jazz quartet, Outhouse, traveled to The Gambia to compose and perform with five traditional Sabar drummers. They worked together to create a unique body of music to present to UK audiences and following a concert at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival in 2008 the group recorded at Livingston Studios (World Circuit). 'Ruhabi' was released on Loop records in October 2009 and the group embarked on a 14-date UK tour which received rave reviews from press and audiences alike.

In 2010 the group released a limited edition EP on Loop records from this tour called 'Ruhabi Live'. Ruhabi translates from the Wolof language as 'on the corner' - an important meeting place in the Gambian community - and the two elements of Outhouse Ruhabi aim to meet at a point of musical consensus. The brainchild of drummer Dave Smith (Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara, Iness Mezel), Outhouse Ruhabi is the culmination of years spent studying West African rhythms whilst being rooted in the heart of today’s London contemporary Jazz scene. Thus, this unique project has received the support from BBC Performing Arts Fund, Arts Council England, PRS-Foundation and the Jerwood Foundation.