Fofoulah Live EP

Released 5th January 2011
Biram Seck – vocal/guitar
Phil Stevenson – guitar
Tom Challenger – tenor sax
Johnny Brierley – bass
Kaw Secka – sabar
Dave Smith – drums
Jim Hart - marimba on track 3

Recorded live at the Vortex Jazz Club. Mixed by Alex Bonney

Fofoulah is a new group formed in 2010 in London which features members of Outhouse Ruhabi, the much acclaimed Outhouse project with Wolof drummers from The Gambia. The Melting pot of Fofoulah's ever changing ideas has culminated in a joyful blend of African praise song and polyrhythm, cool grooves and jumpy melodies. Whilst continuing to explore the influence of west African rhythms, Fofoulah's creative vision embraces each individual members' musical personalities, creating a fresh and individual musical mix.