Robin Fincker – sax
Tom Challenger – sax
Johnny Brierley – bass
Dave Smith – drums

Outhouse has been turning heads in London since 2005. Part of a new generation of improvisers and a key member of the firmly established LOOP Collective, the quartet has established itself as one of the leading groups of the current modern Jazz scene in England.

Outhouse, with its unusual line-up comprising two tenor saxophones, double bass and drums, has developed a unique group sound where spontaneity and interplay prevails whilst forging a strong compositional voice as an ensemble. Outhouse’s music is free from stylistic concerns and although it has often been referred to as being in the lineage of New York’s 1990’s downtown scene, it draws on a large palette of interests to form a sound that is simply contemporary.

In 2008 Outhouse presented a new project with five Sabar percussionists from the Gambia. The resulting music, which was named Outhouse Ruhabi received critical acclaim and confirmed the band’s taste for musical collaborations. In 2009, following a European tour as a quartet , the group embarked on a very different journey, exploring the boundaries of rock-influenced improvised music with the Icelandic guitar wizard Hilmar Jensson. Best known through his work with Jim Black’s Alas No Axis and his own group Tyft, Hilmar Jensson has been recognised as a major voice to come out both on the contemporary New York scene and in Northern Europe.in the late 90’s and his work has influenced a whole generation of improvising musicians.The result of this collaboration is a hypnotic blend of compositions, where the acoustic detail and rawness of Outhouse is only enhanced by the boundless sound-scope of Jensson’s guitar. The group's third album , “Straw Sticks & Bricks”, featuring Hilmar Jensson was released in april 2011 on the Babel Label.

Outhouse has performed extensively throughout Europe including major Europeen festivals such as London Jazz Festival, Jazzdor Festival (Strasbourg) , Cheltehnham Jazz Festival, Loop Festival, Africolor Festival (Paris), Leeds Jazz Festival.

Performance highlights have also included La Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues (Paris), Le Pannonica, Studio de l’Ermitage (Paris), Maison de la Culture Notre Dame de Grace (Montreal), Ronnie’s Scott (London), The Vortex (London), CBSO Centre (Birmingham), The Loft (Koln), AMR (Geneva), Jazz Bar (Edinburgh), Le Mandala (Toulouse), Université Paul Valery (Montpellier), Bakau Jazz Club (Gambie), Banjul (Gambie) etc..

The group has also been featured several times on BBC Radio3 (Jazz on 3, Jazz line-up), Radio France (Open Jazz) and WDR3 (Jazznacht)

Press quotes

“One of the most impressive young bands on the current London Jazz scene.” Jazzwise
“A real journey into adventurous and unexpected territories” Jazz Magazine (France) review from Jazzdor Festival 11/2010
“…it sounds absolutely fantastic” Julian Joseph on BBC3 live broadcast from London Jazz festival 2010