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REC London @ London Jazz Festival

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Building on the success of previous Loop Club Nights we are presenting an array of innovative, original and exciting music over three nights at London Jazz Festival '14, each with its own specific theme.

Friday 14th November @ Servants Jazz Quarters, Dalston
REC London: Brass vs. Amps Event page
Feat. Brass Mask + Snack Family

An explosive sonic battle between raucous brass and jagged punk. Brass Mask is an octet of percussion and seven horns delivering the sounds of Haitian Rara, Gospel and the street bands of New Orleans Mardi Gras.
Snack Family work from the same filthy, hot coal room as The Birthday Party, Cpt Beefheart and Morphine. A swirl of jagged punk and blues that gets right back to the heartlands.

Saturday 15th November @ Servants Jazz Quarters, Dalston
REC London: Circuits Event page
Feat. Strobes + Shiver

A blur of electronics, improvisation and big beats, Circuits features two trios: Strobes flickers effortlessly between electro-improv, Afro-centric grooves and distinctively original hooks; and Shiver, led by Chris Sharkey (Acoustic Ladyland, trioVD) is like a mixture of Supersilent, Tortoise, Hendrix and Flying Lotus. The music is powerful, groovy, dynamic and anthemic.

Sunday 23rd November @ The Vortex, Dalston
REC London: Replay, Remix Event page
Feat. Point X + Kronecker

An array of Berlin and London's finest instrumentalists, performing music which will be ‘remixed’ live. New collaboration Kronecker combines beatsy, glitchy compositions with explosive improv., whilst Point X makes use of live sampling and specially designed instruments, featuring the unmistakable sound of Gambian Sabar and Ghanaian Gyill alongside synth programming and heavy grooves.