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REC London: Brass vs. Amps

14th November 2014
Feat. Brass Mask + Snack Family
Servants Jazz Quarters
10A Bradbury St, London N16 8JN
Tickets £5 – click here

An explosive sonic battle between raucous brass and jagged punk. Brass Mask is an octet of percussion and seven horns delivering the sounds of Haitian Rara, Gospel and the street bands of New Orleans Mardi Gras.
Snack Family work from the same filthy, hot coal room as The Birthday Party, Cpt Beefheart and Morphine. A swirl of jagged punk and blues that gets right back to the heartlands.

Brass Mask
Tom Challenger – sax / Dan Nicholls – organ, sax
George Crowley – sax/clarinet / Alex Bonney – trumpet
Rory Simmons – trumpet / Nat Cross – trombone
Theon Cross – tuba / John Blease – percussion

Snack Family
Andrew plummer – guitar, vox
James Allsopp – baritone sax, farfisa organ
Tom Greenhalgh – drums