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Dave Manington's Riff Raff Jazz Services UK Tour

Dave Manington's Riff Raff announce a jazz services tour this summer..
confirmed dates so far are

Wednesday May 14th Dempseys, Cardiff
Thursday May 15th Poole, Soundcellar
Friday May 16th Bebop club, Bristol
Weds June 25th, e17 jazz, Walthamstow
Thursday June 26th Wellingborough
Saturday June 28th Sherbourne
Tuesday July 8th Liverpool, Parr Jazz
Wednesday July 9th Sheffield, Les Car
Friday July 11th Birmingham Jazz


Dave Manington – double bass/compositions
Brigitte Beraha – vocals
Tomas Challenger – tenor sax
Ivo Neame – piano/Rhodes/accordion
Rob Updegraff - guitar
Tim Giles – drums/percussion

“Inventive, forward looking jazz that subtly pushes the envelope whilst remaining thoroughly accessible to the listener.” – The Jazzman