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REC London: Replay, Remix

23rd November 2014
The Vortex
11 Gillett Square, London N16 8AZ
020 7254 4097
Tickets £5 – click here

An array of Berlin and London's finest instrumentalists, performing music which will be ‘remixed’ live. New collaboration Kronecker combines beatsy, glitchy compositions with explosive improv., whilst Point X makes use of live sampling and specially designed instruments, featuring the unmistakable sound of Gambian Sabar and Ghanaian Gyill alongside synth programming and heavy grooves.

Petter Eldh – bass / Wanja Slavin – sax
Christian Lillinger – drums / Dan Nicholls – keyboards, laptop
Tom Challenger – sax / Sam Wooster – trumpet

Point X
Dan Nicholls – laptop, keyboards, electric kalimba
Matt Calvert – laptop, guitar / Bex Burch – Gyill, perc.
Kaw Secka – Sabar, Tama / Dave De Rose – drums