Rory Simmons - Glass Dancers

Glass Dancers is an 11 track recording of new string and electronic music by Rory Simmons, bringing together elements of contemporary classical composition with electronica production. Glass Dancers sets angular glacial strings against a distorted sonic landscape, with flickering beats and rumbling audio sitting alongside bustling strings and hypnotic melodic statements.

This music is somewhere between the fragmented sonic world of David Torn and Max De Wardener, with the twisted contemporary classical nature of Ben Frost, Ligeti and Nicolas Bernier and the cinematic ambience of Boards Of Canada. All composition, programming and audio editing/processing by Rory Simmons. It has been co-produced and mixed by Ben Lamdin of Nostalgia 77

The string quartet includes Marianne Haynes and Paloma Deike on violin, Amy May on viola and Natalie Rozario on cello; with drummer and percussionist John Blease also featured on several tracks.

The album is available for free from muvolution.