Dan Nicholls – keyboards/tapes/compositions/visuals
Matt Calvert – guitar/electronics
Dave Smith – drums

+ James Allsopp – tenor saxophone
+ Kit Downes – organ
+ Shabaka Hutchings – bass clarinet

Mirror is an engaging collaboration between some of London’s most distinctive performers, interpreting and reworking compositions by keyboardist Dan Nicholls. Impelled and inspired by contemporary issues and mass-media imagery, the band's highly dynamic sound ranges from thrash grooves to barely audible undertones – aiming for fluidity between written and unwritten, and exploring connections between sound and image.

In 2010 Mirror released a self-titled EP recorded at Abbey Road studios in London and featuring Nicholls, Allsopp and Smith. This release led to a BBC Jazz on 3 recording at the Loop Festival in 2011.

The Ruins project was first performed at the 2011 London Jazz Festival. It focuses on the depiction of ruin and destruction, on a physical and psychological level, by the media and examines the seemingly inherent voyeurism and morbid curiosity which fuels invasive, reality TV style reportage and documentation. The group will perform concerts as part of an album release tour in 2013.

Mirror + ByramArt
Veering between big grooves, electro-improv and a vast sonic palette, this project brings together three of the most dynamic and original talents of the London music scene. Featuring Matt Calvert (Three Trapped Tigers) on guitar/electronics, Dave Smith (Robert Plant, Fofoulah) on drums/electronics and Dan on keyboards/electronics/visuals, this concert is the premiere of a new collaboration with one of New-York's most influential visual artists, Stephen Byram, who has created a set of stunning visuals especially for the project.