Mark Hanslip/Javier Carmona Duo

Mark Hanslip – tenor saxophone
Javier Carmona – drums/percussion/objects

Mark and Javier's music, mostly improvised, is noted for its extreme contrasts between minimalist/ambient sounds, silence, and dense free-jazz, with startling and sudden changes of direction.

Their first CD 'DosadoS' is due for imminent release on the Babel Label, has already received pre-release airplay on Resonance 104.4FM, BBC Radio 3, Radio Reverb in Brighton, KOOP 91.7FM in Texas and Radio Scorpio 106FM in Leuven, Belgium, and has the track below featured on compilations on the cover of Jazzwise and The Wire magazines as well as a commercially available one showcasing the various groups of the Loop Collective.

It has received positive reviews from The Guardian in UK, Improjazz magazine in France, and Jazz Word, Free Jazz, Music OMH and many others online.

"[DosadoS] has all the hallmarks of a spontaneous free-jazz and improv encounter – scurrying sax phrases accompanied by light, pattering figures; long multiphonic outbreaths against softly ringing noises; water-over-rocks cymbal patterns; guttural sax blasts driven by racing free-swing... But the erudition and resourcefulness of both players gives this ostensibly austere session a rare eventfulness... It's the kind of music that could even make free-improv's sworn enemies say, "OK, now I get it.""
John Fordham, The Guardian

"Combative dialogue and a broad sound palette make this [DosadoS] a good listen indeed."
Fiona Talkington, BBC Radio 3's Late Junction

"DosadoS is an extraordinary set of duets from a very engaging pair.. Hopefully there will be more down the pike from this pair soon."
Clifford Allen, Ni Kantu website