Duo Plus

Jim Hart – vibes/drums
Ivo Neame – piano/reeds

Multi-instrumentalists Jim Hart and Ivo Neame have been playing together since the beginning of the century. Both founder members of the Loop collective and members of each other’s bands, (The Ivo Neame Quartet and Jim Hart's Gemini) they have developed a superb empathy for one another's playing – 'as if they are finishing each other's sentences'. Their music is often rhythmically charged whilst being very fluid and open.
Duo Plus crept in to being after they began exploring the different textures that piano and saxophone (Ivo) with drums and vibraphone (Jim) could create. They have also worked with guests including Rory Simmons and Oren Marshall. For the 2013 London Jazz Festival they will collaborate with French writer Maud Jouanne and singer Brigitte Bereha for Des Vies De Passage.