Alex Bonney/Dave Kane duo

Alex Bonney – trumpet
Dave Kane – bass

Dave Kane and Alex Bonney's improvising duo is full of surprises. Traditional roles of trumpet and double bass are exploded and the sonic potential of their instruments is explored. The duo's action packed and playful range of textures and dynamics combine with a strong melodic sensibility and an uncanny interplay between the two musicians.

"Never did I think such fascinating complication, sly humour and sheer joie de vivre could be conjured from a double bass and a pocket trumpet."
The Daily Telegraph

"In my opinion Alex and Dave play true music. Played at a very high level, it's as good as any improvised music played anywhere in the world."
Paul Dunmall

"Mixing energetic free improv with quirky melodies and lopsided rhythms Kane and Bonney's interaction was mesmerizing, packed full of innate humour and off-hand virtuosity their dialogue was a joy to behold."