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Dan Nicholls' Point X: Premiere

11th April 2014
CBSO Centre, Birmingham

Dan Nicholls brings together some of the most progressive and original performers from the UK and further afield, in a project which combines musical and visual material from a stunning array of sources. Making use of new and innovative methods of sampling, visuals and specially designed instruments, the music presented here charts the performers' wide-ranging experiences in Africa and the UK and is characterised by big beats and distinctive hooks, newly explored sound worlds and electrifying group interplay.

Point X
Dan Nicholls – keyboards / electronics / Kalimba-keyboard / visuals
Matt Calvert – guitar / electronics
Shabaka Hutchings – sax
Tom Challenger – sax
Kaw Secka – sabar drum / tama
Bex Birch – gyill / percussion
Dave Smith – drums / electronics
Dave De Rose – drums / electronics
Stephen Byram – visuals