20:00 12/11/11
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London Jazz Festival Loop Night

Sat 12th Nov, 8.30pm @ Vortex

Tickets £10
http://www.wegottickets.com/event/129657 (Book online)
Loop Collective

Splice's raison d'être is to mesh together elements of contemporary jazz, free improv, loud and soft noise, punk grit, ambient music, and more...

With players from England, France and Québec including Alex Bonney, Robin Fincker, Dave Smith and Pierre Alexandre, the quartet dissolves boundaries with seamless blends or blunt juxtapositions.

Dice Factory

Dice Factory is Tom Challenger (saxophone), George Fogel (piano), Tom Farmer (bass) and Jon Scott (drums) – they’ve developed an unwritten ethos of purposefully discovering and utilising challenging modes of composition and improvisation with an emphasis on texture, rhythmic sound-scapes achieved through constant interplay alongside strong grooves, striking harmonic passages and melodic playfulness.

An engaging collaboration between some of London’s most distinctive instrumentalists, including Dan Nicholls, Kit Downes, James Allsopp, Shabaka Hutchings and Dave Smith, performing music impelled and inspired by contemporary issues and mass-media imagery, and exploring connections between sound and image. The project focuses on the depiction of ruin and destruction, on a physical and psychological level, by the media and examines the seemingly inherent voyeurism and morbid curiosity which fuels invasive, reality TV style reportage and documentation.